Pre and Post-Construction Survey

Pre and Post Construction Surveys are generally done in cases where documenting the condition of properties adjacent to construction site is required: before and after the construction project. The purpose of the survey is to identify whether any adjacent properties were affected or damaged as a result of the construction work. The survey particularly examines structural damages to the foundation settlement that may lead to interior or exterior cracks, site components, and other affected elements.

From the contractor's point of view, documenting the condition of the adjacent properties prior to the construction work is a means of defense against any unjustified claims that might be raised by the property owners. It can also be used to assess the actual damage, if a claim is justified.

As of November 3, 2008, the City of Toronto requires a Vibration Control form to be completed with any application of a construction or demolition permit. The requirement is stipulated in By-law No. 514-2008 that amends the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 362, Building Construction and Demolition.

Additional steps are required when construction or demolition includes activities such as blasting, deep foundation, large scale soil compaction, construction within the water table, or any other activity that has a potential to cause vibrations that might have impact on buildings or structures beyond the construction site.