Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal Management

Underground storage tanks (UST) are buried containers that have been widely used to store petroleum-based or oil-based fuels. They are used in a variety of industries such as transportation, heating and manufacturing. They were once commonplace in homes prior to the introduction of natural gas and electric heating. Such tanks have provincial regulations that help minimize any liabilities. Many of these regulations are overseen by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA); setting guidelines to installing, maintaining, upgrading, and removing UST systems.

The storage of USTs imposes a major risk if not properly installed or managed. Many older tanks were abandoned with fuel still stored in them. Overtime, the storage tanks degrade and leak, which can easily contaminate soil and groundwater. This affects both the property with a UST and any properties surrounding it. UST leaks can also create health and safety concerns to those on the property through vapours. The presence of a UST can become a financial liability, as it degrades property value.

Any signs of leakage from a UST should be reported and handled immediately to minimize any environmental damage. Ben Engineering provides consultation services for UST removals throughout Ontario. We work with TSSA-licensed contractors, who will quote and manually remove the UST from the site. A qualified person will be at the site to oversee the removal and disposal of USTs. Soil samples will also be collected and analyzed. An engineering report with photographic documentation will be made and kept as a record of UST removal.